To partners

Mirror Bird devices are a well-known brand of mirror-televisions for advertising. Our product is aimed to create and develope a new type of advertising – the most effective for the advertiser and the most interesting and useful for consumers. Just sell the prime-time on Mirror Bird devices and get money from advertising agencies.

We put great emphasis on effectiveness of commercials and the aesthetic beauty of the MirrorBird that will help you to get high profits.

With Mirror Bird device the revenue from prime-time selling will be significantly increased. The owner of the Mirror Bird device may also advertise his or her product or service in 5-second commercials free of charge.
As owners of advertising networks, we are making R&D, producing unique parts of the system and assembling finished product, selling and make post-sale service of network content. Mirror Bird devices are a modern tool to advertise and to get money from it, to analyze statistics and to provide marketing information to agents.

As partners we are looking for a company that is interested in collaboration with ambitious european company and capable to create a new niche on the market and to launch innovative products on the European market.

We are looking forward to effective co-operation!