Make your advertising campaign more effective, emotional and impressive with mirror-screens Mirror Bird. Our mirror-screens Mirror Bird are aimed to create and develop a new type of advertising – the most effective and useful for the advertiser and the most interesting for consumers.

Advertising campaigns usually take a significant part of company`s budget. With Mirror Bird you pay only for video showing to the chosen target segment. Mirror Bird devices will give you an opportunity to keep track on audience and to economize significantly on demonstrations.

You may choose model of the Mirror Bird screen and the diversification of commercials that should be shown on particular device and at particular time. Nowadays, the effectiveness of the standard media falls. The main advantage of Mirror Bird screens is that they are audience-oriented.

A new type of advertising increases the effectiveness of traditional video advertising, as well as reduces the costs: target advertising, interactively controlled content, and payment only for the video shows . It means that you do not waste time and money on pointless advertising in public places.

The interface allows real-time control of advertising and remote network management. Through the control panel clip is unloaded to an FTP server and then automatically downloaded by TV.

Billing system enables advertiser to pay only for the video showing to the representative of the target segment. Combination of unique elements created a new form of media advertising. Mirror Bird devices are a modern tool to advertise, analyze statistics and to provide marketing information.

Our costs consist of costs of production and service of advertising network, improvement and development of the system. Costs also depend on the way we will work with European market and on the sales organization and logistics etc.

We are looking forward to effective co-operation!