Pile up the rocks with MirrorBird

We believe that our product has to be profitable for each participant: both business and media as well as consumers.

We offer you MirrorBird devices almost at cost and suggest flexible business model for operation. The core meaning is that the owner of MirrorBird device receives 70% of profit from the shows on it. This business model allows the owner of MirrorBird device to obtain a net profit after only 3 moths after purchase.

The rest 30% of profit is received by MirrorBird Company that is primarily spent for system support, developing and extending of functionality and features.

As for advertisers, advertising campaign usually takes a significant part of company`s budget. Placing advertising on a new platform is always difficult to determine the efficiency of campaign and to find the gaps in it. MirrorBird system includes paying only for showing to the target audience; thereby it significantly reduces the costs while increasing in shows efficiency. In addition Statistics info affords ground for media planning and monitoring the expenses and conducting campaign evaluation.