Mirror Bird MDM

Mirror Bird Motion Detection Mirror (MDM)

A simple mirror by first sight turns into a monitor and displays ads only when looked at.

A special detector only initiates advertising display when a person looking at the mirror occurs. In all other cases Mirror Bird MDM is only a mirror.

  • All the benefits of video advertising
  • 2-in-1 technology: mirror and advertising medium
  • Effect of surprise raises attention to the ad
  • Several types of advertising panels
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Transparent system of ad displays estimation
On-line management

The whole network of advertising devices all over the world is accessible for ads downloading and on-line management of the campaign via your personal space in the application. You can manage you campaign from wherever you are.

The device provides:

  • Statistics of visual contacts with a device per day
  • Separate statistics by gender (Male/Female)
  • Average duration of eye contact
  • Time of limelight attention to a mirror

Mirror sizes available from 70×90 cm to 160×160 cm. Advertising panels can be made in custom sizes by request.

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