Mirror Bird GRM

Mirror Bird Gender Recognition Mirror (GRM)

Advanced technology Mirror Bird GRM comprises all advantages of the previous model (displaying ads exclusively in the presence of the viewer), but it also embodies new features that have been inavailable in earlier models. Mirror Bird GRM are the first advertising displays that are able to define the gender of the viewer. It has become technically possible to perform gender-targeting for your advertising campaign. The ad will only be seen by the target audience, which will enhcance the efficiency of the campaign, bring more feedback and diminish the number of the shows in nowhere.

With Mirror Bird, brands can now achieve results on par with online advertising. Gender segmentation of our system creates an advanced way of targeting in real-life that hasn’t been accomplished before. You simply show the commercial to a tailored audience and pay only for the advertisement that has to be seen by that target audience.

  • All the benefits of video advertising
  • 2-in-1 technology: mirror and advertising medium
  • Effect of surprise raises attention to the ad
  • Several types of advertising panels
  • Efficient use of resources

  • Transparent system of ad displays estimation

On-line management

The whole network of advertising devices all over the world is accessible for ads downloading and on-line management of the campaign via your personal space in the application. You can manage you campaign from wherever you are.

The device provides:

  • Statistics of visual contacts with a device per day
  • Separate statistics by gender (Male/Female)
  • Average duration of eye contact
  • Time of limelight attention to a mirror

Mirror sizes available from 70×90 cm to 160×160 cm. Advertising panels can be made in custom sizes by request.

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