Fitness centers

Even doing sports your customers can get information about products and services provided by fitness center.

Thanks to sport activities you customers are in good mood that is also one of the opportunity to have an advantageous effect on them by showing your advertisement on Mirror Bird device. As a result it will contribute to your image rising. Exciting video presentations will make pastime in your fitness centre more enjoyable!

Bright and informative advertising shown on Mirror Bird devices will attract new clients and, as a result, increase profit of your fitness centre.

Mirror Bird devices may be placed everywhere you like: in locker-rooms, gymnasiums, lobbies, rest-rooms and even in showers! So you can benefit from using the extra time for advertising and creating good image of your fitness centre.

It is not a secret that ordinary booklets and leaflets telling about special offers and new services are out of touch. Modern, impressive, memorable and bright way of advertising is Mirror Bird!