Emphasize your distinction!

It is not a secret that your clients spend relatively long period of time in elevators. Take double advantage of this situation. Diversify your advertising campaign and invite attention of clients to special offers and entertain them with colorful video presentations!

It is a perfect way to tell customers about your advantages and significance in lifts of office buildings, hotels, outlets and others.

Advertising your partners’ products and services by means of Mirror Bird devices is a source of huge profit. An ordinary announcement stuck on elevator`s wall does not attract much attention. Multiply the number of your clients with Mirror Bird devices! They will be impressed by stylish video presentations. Emphasize your exclusivity!

Mirror Bird devices is a computer in mirror. In the off state it looks like an ordinary mirror. Mirror Bird devices are connected to the Internet and receive advertisements that should be shown at the very moment.

When a visitor comes up to a mirror at a distance of 50 cm advertisement or any other message or information appears on the screen of mirror.