Mirror Bird is designed to be profitable for businesses, media, and consumers. 

We offer Mirror Bird devices almost at reasonable costs and suggest flexible business models for operation. With the core model, the owner of Mirror Bird device receives 70% of profit from the shows featured on its display. This business model allows the owner of the Mirror Bird device to obtain a net profit after only 3 months of purchase. 

The remaining 30% of profit is received by the Mirror Bird Company and is primarily spent for system support, developing and extending of functionality and features.

Advertisers benefit from significant cost savings. Typically, these campaigns occupy a large part of the company’s budget. Placing advertising on a new platform is always difficult to determine the efficiency of campaign and to find the gaps in it. The Mirror Bird system allows the advertiser to pay only for ads shown to the target audience, reducing the costs while increasing efficiency. In addition, statistics from Mirror Bird allow appropriate media planning, monitoring the expenses and conducting campaign evaluation.

Pile up the rocks with MirrorBird

We believe that our product has to be profitable for each participant: both business and media as well as consumers. We offer you MirrorBird devices almost at cost and suggest flexible business model for operation.

Control your media remotely

The Mirror Bird Administration Panel enables users to control media planning through the Internet: uploading videos, paying, monitoring advertising campaigns, gathering statistic reports, etc.—everything you need is available aroud the clock. 

Registration in the Administration Panel automatically enables buyers to be a part of the global advertising system. Think of it as Google advertising for real-life spots; a variety of options allows you to arrange your advertising campaign the exact way you need it. 

From budget planning to target audience selection, the step-by-step Mirror Bird Administration panel ensures an effective media campaign. Users are also provided with detailed statistics.

Gender advertising

With Mirror Bird, an Internet level of targeting can finally be applied to real life. Targeting is the bridge between sellers and consumers and rejects useless spending. 

Gender segmentation within our system creates an advanced way of targeting in real-life advertising. From now on men don’t have to watch commercials about products targeted to women, and vice versa. This enables brands to increase the effectiveness, reduce costs, and plan campaigns based on statistics provided.

See through a mirror

Advertising in the mirror – it’s unexpected and memorable! Eighty percent of the people walking by the mirror will look into it. At first glance it’s just a mirror; but in a few seconds, a portion of its surface becomes a screen for a commercial. It surprises people to the extent that many will watch the ad until it ends! If a person looks away, the commercial automatically stops. 

There are no limits; the size of the mirror and the video screen is up to you. A Mirror Bird device came be installed anywhere with the same surface as a mirror, but with new, extended opportunities.