Pile up the rocks with Mirror Bird
Mirror Bird is a line of modern advertising instruments that enhance its efficiency. Mirror Bird is a perfect tool for those who want to get maximum results from advertising, making it really attractive, rememberable and simple to manage.
Gender targeting
Mirror Bird GRM are the first advertising displays that are able to define the gender of the viewer.
Watch your desires in the mirror
It has become technically possible to perform gender-targeting for your advertising campaign.
Modern system of advertising network management
The whole network of advertising devices all over the world is accessible for ads downloading andon-line management of the campaign via your personal space in the application. You can manage your campaign from wherever you are.
Global international network
Mirror Bird is a global international network of advertising platforms situated in the biggest cities all over the world.

Mirror Bird – the new, breakthrough way of advertising

Mirror Bird Gender Recognition Mirror. How it works?


Mirror Bird GRM

Mirror Bird GRM are the first advertising displays that are able to define the gender of the viewer.

Mirror Bird MDM

A simple mirror by first sight turns into a monitor and displays ads only when looked at.

Mirror Bird Screen

The system of Mirror Bird Screen video panels represents a united network thousands of panels all over the world.

Video Analytics

A multi-purpose tool for marketing researches allows calculating efficiency quantitative indicator of advertising


Shopping centers

Mirror Bird is the best tool of advertising in Shopping

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Beauty Salons and Spa

Create wonderful and amazing impression on clients from your Beauty salon and Spa.

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Status and prestige are the main notions of the bank’s image that evaluates the quality of service.

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Mirror Bird is a good way to entertain your clients in elevators.

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